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Jun 1, 2015
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End of late on-line registration June 18, 2015
Jun 18, 2014
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The AIED conference in 2015 in Madrid will be at the UNED Computer Science School

Thursday, Jun 25

AIED 2015 Congress Schedule for Thursday, Jun 25
Thursday, Jun 25RoomRoomRoom
8:15 - 9:00  
9:00 - 10:00 Room EDU 0A   Invited Speaker: Bror Saxberg
10:00 - 10:30 Coffee Break
10:30 - 11:30 POSTERS 4: 19 posters. Posters can be already on display during the coffee break
11:30 - 1:10 (100')
20’ per talk (15’ + 5’ for questions)

Room EDU 0 A

PAPERS 11: Natural Language Approaches

Chair Judy Kay

Room PSY 0 A

PAPERS 10: Evaluation of AIED technologies

Chair: Vincent Aleven

Room EDU 0 G

PAPERS 12: Assessment and Student Modeling

Chair Kalina Yacef

Eze-Can and Boyer

A tutorial dialogue system for real-time evaluation of unsupervised dialogue act classifiers: exploring system outcomes

Maass, Pavlik Jr. and Hua: How Spacing and Variable Retrieval Practice Affect the Learning of Statistics Concepts Leema-Munk, Smith, Mott, Wiebe and Lester: Two Modes are Better Than One: A Multimodal Assessment Framework Integrating Student Writing and Drawing.
Mazidi and D. Nielsen: Leveraging Multiple Views of Text for Automatic Question Generation. Pho, Ligozat and Grau: Distractor quality evaluation in Multiple Choice Questions. Toussaint, Luengo, Jambon and Tonetti: From Heterogeneous Multi-Source Traces to Perceptual-]Gestural Sequences: the PeTra Framework Approach.
Blanchard, Brady, Olney, Glaus, Sun, Nystrand, Samei, Kelly and D'Mello: A Study of Automatic Speech Recognition in Noisy Classroom Environments for Automated Dialog Analysis. Ostrow, Heffernan, Heffernan and Peterson: Blocking vs. Interleaving: A Conceptual Replication Examining Single]Session Effects within Middle School Math Homework. Rodriguez and Boyer: Discovering Individual and Collaborative Problem-Solving Modes with Hidden Markov Models.
Hughes, Blaum, Britt, Hastings and Wallace: Machine Learning for Holistic Evaluation of Scientific Essays.

Ogan and Yarzebinski

Cognitive Tutor Use in Chile:Undertanding classroom and lab culture

Rafferty and Griffiths: Interpreting Freeform Equation Solving.
 Dascalu, Stavarache, Dessus, Trausan-Matu, McNamara and Maryse: Predicting Comprehension from Students' Summaries Rau and Wu: ITS support for conceptual and perceptual processes in learning with multiple graphical representations.   
1:10 - 2:40


Mentoring Lunch
Senior faculty, researchers, and leaders are asked to sit at tables with students, new faculty, and their assigned mentees.

2:40 - 4:10 (90')

Room EDU 0 A: PANEL  Grand Challenges for Education and the place of AIED

Chair: Judy Kay

4:10 - 4:40 Closing Remarks- Update on IJAIED