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Jun 1, 2015
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End of late on-line registration June 18, 2015
Jun 18, 2014
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The AIED conference in 2015 in Madrid will be at the UNED Computer Science School


Carnegie Learning



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International Artificial Intelligence in Education Society

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Just discovered the future in ed tech has a 30 year history! @aied2015 #aied2015
2015-08-12 13:55:14

RT @peterpaws: So, having agent-supported chats does help in a #MOOC lovering #dropout ! #paper14 #aied2015
2015-07-22 15:37:44

SNS messages Recommendation for Learning Motivation #aied2015 #learningmotivation
2015-07-08 11:02:13

RT @carnegielearn: Proud of our research team helping to improve how math is taught! @stvritter #aied2015 #eddata
2015-07-06 18:56:05

RT @cserAdelaide: Best Paper Nomination @ #AIED2015 for Thushari's CSER work! @ThushAtapattu @FalknerKatrina @Falkne
2015-07-06 14:43:16

AIED 2015: MIT model helps students stick with MOOCs via @techreview #AIED2015 #MOOCs
2015-07-02 19:36:00

RT @peterpaws: Slides now posted for: A Framework for Multifaceted Evaluation of Student Models #paper_164 #aied2015
2015-07-01 17:27:57

Slides now posted for: A Framework for Multifaceted Evaluation of Student Models #paper_164 #aied2015 #EDM2015Madrid
2015-07-01 12:52:01

RT @profebot: AIED2015 proceedings book, already available from Springer @aied2015m #aied2015
2015-07-01 07:14:58

RT @cserAdelaide: Best Paper Nomination @ #AIED2015 for Thushari's CSER work! @ThushAtapattu @FalknerKatrina @Falkne
2015-07-01 07:13:06

Best Paper Nomination @ #AIED2015 for Thushari's CSER work! @ThushAtapattu @FalknerKatrina @FalknerKatrina #ozcschat
2015-07-01 07:12:20

RT @OliFer: #aied2015 @ Gau&Cafe
2015-06-30 09:22:25

RT @peterpaws: Jose Gonzalez-Brenes: Leopard evaluation framework and White Metric. Cool. #paper_113 #aied2015 OR #E
2015-06-30 00:39:17

RT @stvritter: #aied2015 reception sponsored by @carnegielearn
2015-06-29 17:26:36

RT @peterpaws: Jose Gonzalez-Brenes: Leopard evaluation framework and White Metric. Cool. #paper_113 #aied2015 OR #E
2015-06-29 14:39:10

RT @peterpaws: Jose Gonzalez-Brenes: Leopard evaluation framework and White Metric. Cool. #paper_113 #aied2015 OR #E
2015-06-29 14:29:09

Jose Gonzalez-Brenes: Leopard evaluation framework and White Metric. Cool. #paper_113 #aied2015 OR #EDM2015Madrid
2015-06-29 13:42:54

RT @peterpaws: Jeremy Warner provides data on online #electronictextbook. A #MOOC competitor? #paper_49 #aied2015 OR…
2015-06-28 18:27:52

Jeremy Warner provides data on online #electronictextbook. A #MOOC competitor? #paper_49 #aied2015 OR #EDM2015Madrid
2015-06-28 18:14:27

RT @peterpaws: Radek Pelanek: Using MAE is wrong! #JEDM87 #aied2015 #EDM2015Madrid
2015-06-28 11:00:15


We provide here the list of members of the various committees of the Conference organization:

Organising Committee

General Chair

Antonija (Tanja) Mitrovic
Head of the University of Canterbury Computer Science and Software Engineering department and the research leader of the Intelligent Computer Tutoring research group.

Organization chair

M. Felisa Verdejo
Computer Systems and Languages Department, UNED, Spain.

Program committee Chairs

Cristina Conati
University of British Columbia Canada.
Neil Heffernan
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA.

Tutorial & Workshop Chairs

Jesus G. Boticario
Artificial Intelligence Department, UNED, Spain.
Kasia Muldner
Carleton University, Canada

Industry Track Chairs

Steve Ritter
Carnegie Learning Incorporated, USA.
Paola Rizzo
Interagens s.r.l., Italy.

Doctoral Consortium Chairs

Tiffany Barnes
North Carolina State University, USA.
Bert Bredeweg
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Beverly Park Woolf
Beverly Park
University of Massachusetts(UMASS)-Amherst, USA.

Poster Chairs

Matt Easterday
Northwestern University, USA.
Kaska Porayska-Pomsta
Institute of Education, University of London, U.K.

Interactive Events Chairs

Ilya Goldin
Pearson, USA.
Olga C. Santos
Artificial Intelligence Department, UNED, Spain.

Panel Chair

Judy Kay
University of Sidney

Publicity Chair

Sebastien Lalle
University of British Columbia, Canada.

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Senior Program Committee

  • Vincent Aleven, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
  • Ivon Arroyo, University of Massachusetts Amherst,USA
  • Kevin Ashley, University of Pittsburgh, USA.
  • Roger Azevedo, North Carolina State University, USA.
  • Gautam Biswas, Vanderbilt University, USA.
  • Bert Bredeweg, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Vania Dimitrova,University of Leeds, UK.
  • Sidney D'Mello, University of Notre Dame.
  • Benedict Du Boulay, University of Sussex, UK.
  • Art Graesser, University of Memphis, USA.
  • Jim Greer, University of Saskatchewan, Canada.
  • W. Lewis Johnson, Alelo Inc., USA.
  • Akihiro Kashihara, The University of Electro-Communications, Japan.
  • Judy Kay, University of Sydney, Australia.
  • Kenneth Koedinger, Carnegie Mellon University,USA
  • H. Chad Lane, University of Southern California, USA.
  • James Lester, North Carolina State University, USA.
  • Gordon McCalla, University of Saskatchewan, Canada.
  • Bruce Mclaren, Carnegie Mellon University, USA.
  • Alessandro Micarelli, Roma Tre University, Italy.
  • Tanja Mitrovic, University of Canterbury, NZ.
  • Riichiro Mizoguchi, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.
  • Jack Mostow, Carnegie Mellon University, USA.
  • Helen Pain, University of Edinburgh, UK.
  • Niels Pinkwart, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Germany.
  • Ido Roll, University of British Columbia, Canada.
  • Ryan S.J.D. Baker, Columbia University, USA.
  • Peter Sloep, Open Universiteit Nederland.
  • Pierre Tchounikine, University of Grenoble, France.
  • Wouter Van Joolingen, University of Twente, Netherlands.
  • Kurt Vanlehn, Arizona State University, USA.
  • Julita Vassileva, University of Saskatchewan, Canada.
  • Felisa Verdejo, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, Spain.
  • Beverly Park Woolf, University of Massachusetts,USA
  • Kalina Yacef, The University of Sydney, Australia.

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Program Committe

  • Esma Aimeur, University of Montreal, Canada.
  • Fabio Akhras, Renato Archer Center of Information Technology,Brazil
  • Russell Almond, Florida State University,USA
  • Yigal Attali, ETS, USA
  • Nilufar Baghaei, UNITEC, NZ
  • Jacqueline Bourdeau, TELU-UQAM, Canada
  • Kristy Boyer, North Carolina State University;USA
  • Paul Brna, University of Leeds,UK
  • Peter Brusilovsky, University of Pittsburgh,USA
  • Kritya Bunchongchit, Mahidol University,Thailand
  • Winslow Burleson, Arizona State University,USA
  • Maiga Chang, Athabasca University,Canada
  • Min Chi, University of North Carolina, USA
  • Ricardo Conejo, University of Málaga, Spain.
  • Albert Corbett, Carnegie Mellon University,USA
  • Mark Core, University of Southern California,USA
  • Scotty Craig, Arizona State University,USA
  • Alexandra Cristea, University of Warwick,UK
  • Scott Crossley, Georgia State University, USA
  • Barbara Di Eugenio, University of Illinois at Chicago,USA
  • Darina Dicheva, Winston-Salem State University,USA
  • Peter Dolog, Aalborg University,Denmark
  • Stephen Fancsali, Carnegie Learning,USA
  • Mingyu Feng, SRI International,USA
  • Carol Forsyth, University of Memphis,USA
  • Davide Fossati, Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar
  • Reva Freedman, Northern Illinois University
  • Elena Gaudioso, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia,USA
  • Ashok Goel, Georgia Institute of Technology,USA
  • Ilya Goldin, Pearson,USA
  • José González-Brenes, Pearson,USA
  • Joseph Grafsgaard, North Carolina State University,USA
  • Monique Grandbastien, LORIA, UHP Nancy1,France
  • Agneta Gulz, Lund University,Sweden
  • Peter Hasting, Depaul University, USA
  • Pentti Hietala, University of Tampere, Finland.
  • Ulrich Hoppe, University Duisburg-Essen, Germany
  • Sridhar Iyer, IIT Bombay,India
  • G. Tanner Jackson, ETS, USA
  • Pam Jordon, University of Pittsburgh, USA
  • Sandy Katz, University of Pittsburgh, USA
  • Fazel Keshtkar, Southeast Missouri State University,USA
  • Jihie Kim, Information Science Institute,USA
  • John Kinnebrew, Vanderbilt University, USA
  • Jean-Marc Labat, Universit Paris 6,France
  • Sébastien Lallé, University of British Columbia,Canada
  • Seong Jae Lee, University of Washington,USA
  • Blair Lehman, University of Memphis,USA
  • Rose Luckin, The London Knowledge Lab, UK
  • Vanda Luengo, Université Joseph Fourier,France
  • Collin Lynch, North Carolina State University,USA
  • Noboru Matsuda, Carnegie Mellon University,USA
  • Manolis Mavrikis, London Knowledge Lab,UK
  • Alain Mille, Université Claude Bernard Lyon I,France
  • Marcelo Milrad, Linnaeus University, Sweden
  • Kazuhisa Miwa, Nagoya University,Japan
  • Micheal Mozer, University of Colorado, USA
  • Kiyoshi Nakabayashi, Chiba Institute of Technology,Japan
  • Roger Nkambou, Université du Québec À Montréal,Canada
  • Amy Ogan, Carnegie Mellon University,USA
  • Andrew Olney, University of Memphis,USA
  • Luc Paquette, Columbia Teachers College, USA
  • Zachary Pardos, University of California, Berkeley, USA
  • Philip I. Pavlik Jr., University of Memphis,USA
  • Radek Pelanek, Masaryk University, Czech
  • Kaska Porayska-Pomsta, University of London, U.K.
  • Anna Rafferty, Carelton College, USA
  • Martina Rau, University of Wisconsin - Madison,USA
  • Steven Ritter, Carnegie Learning, Inc., USA
  • Mercedes Rodigo, Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines
  • Carolyn Rose, Carnegie Mellon University,USA
  • Jonathan Rowe, North Carolina State, USA
  • Andreas Schmidt, Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, Germany
  • Vasile Rus, The University of Memphis,USA
  • Mirka Saarela, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
  • Demetrios Sampson, University of Piraeus,Greece
  • Olga C. Santos, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia,Spain
  • James Segedy, Vanderbilt University, USA
  • Pratim Sengupta, Vanderbilt University,USA
  • Valerie Shute, Florida State University, USA
  • Erica Snow, Arizona State University, USA
  • John Stamper, Carnegie Mellon University,USA
  • Michael Timms, Australian Council For Educational Research, Australia
  • Erin Walker, Arizona State University,USA
  • Candace Walkington, Southern Methodist University,USA
  • Amali Weerasinghe, University of Canterbury,NZ
  • Joseph Jay Williams, HarvardX, Harvard University,USA
  • Beverly Park Woolf, University of Massachusetts,USA
  • Diego Zapata-Rivera, ETS,USA
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Local Committee

Co-organizers (Liaison with AIED Organization Chair)

  • Jesus G. Boticario (Artificial Intelligence Department, UNED).
  • Olga C. Santos (Artificial Intelligence Department, UNED).

Administrative Support

  • Mar Saneiro

Student Volunteer responsible

  • Sergio Salmeron-Majadas (Artificial Intelligence Department, UNED).

Website manager

  • Emmanuelle Gutiérrez y Restrepo

Financial issues

  •  Pilar Muñoz (Director of Training and Projects. UNED Foundation).

Dissemination activities

  • Elena Bárcena (Foreign Philology and Linguistics Department, UNED).
  • Raúl Cabestrero (Basic Psychoology II Department, UNED).
  • Manuel Castro (Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Control Department, UNED).
  • Elena Gaudioso (Artificial Intelligence Department, UNED).
  • Catalina Martínez-Mediano (Department of Research Methods and Diagnosis in Education I, UNED).
  • Pilar Quirós (Basic Psychoology II Department, UNED).
  • Tim Read (Computer Systems and Languages Department, UNED).
  • Miguel Rodríguez-Artacho (Computer Systems and Languages Department, UNED).
  • Salvador Ros (Department of Control and Communication Systems).
  • Rosa Carro (Computer Science Department, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid).
  • Carlos Delgado Kloos (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid).
  • Baltasar Fernández-Manjón (Department of Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence, Universidad Complutense de Madrid).
  • Diana Pérez Marín (Computer Systems and Languages Department, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid).

Social Media Community Manager

  • Rafa Montoya Adarraga

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