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Jun 1, 2015
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End of late on-line registration June 18, 2015
Jun 18, 2014
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The AIED conference in 2015 in Madrid will be at the UNED Computer Science School


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Best Paper Nomination @ #AIED2015 for Thushari's CSER work! @ThushAtapattu @FalknerKatrina @FalknerKatrina #ozcschat
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RT @peterpaws: Jose Gonzalez-Brenes: Leopard evaluation framework and White Metric. Cool. #paper_113 #aied2015 OR #E
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RT @peterpaws: Jose Gonzalez-Brenes: Leopard evaluation framework and White Metric. Cool. #paper_113 #aied2015 OR #E
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Jose Gonzalez-Brenes: Leopard evaluation framework and White Metric. Cool. #paper_113 #aied2015 OR #EDM2015Madrid
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Jeremy Warner provides data on online #electronictextbook. A #MOOC competitor? #paper_49 #aied2015 OR #EDM2015Madrid
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Call for Interactive Events

The Interactive Events track will showcase interactive demonstrations of systems that exhibit intelligent educational behaviors. These systems can run in various ways, such as stand-alone, web, mobile devices, etc. The track welcomes multiple types of applications, including adaptive educational environments, educational games, intelligent tutoring systems, learning management systems, personal learning environments, and others.

In Interactive Events, AIED attendees will experience first-hand new and emerging intelligent learning environments. This is your chance to engage conference attendees at a personal level by letting them see, touch, or hear your vision for the future of AIED. We expect that your Interactive Event is ready to be tried out, questioned and interacted with. We encourage authors submitting papers or posters to the main conference to also propose demoing your system. In this way, attendees can experience your work interactively in addition to your formal presentation.

Submissions will undergo peer review. Accepted submissions will be included in the AIED conference proceedings as a two-page Interactive Event description.

If you submit both an Interactive Event proposal and a related paper or poster, please explain how your Interactive Event makes a distinct contribution.

  • Example 1. Emphasize the user interface and user experience, and their connections to artificial intelligence techniques, rather than the algorithms, models, or data analyses that may be more suitable for the paper and poster submissions. 
  • Example 2. Create a simulation illustrating the core algorithm in your software to help attendees understand a complex mathematical model.

Submission Instructions

Special EasyChair submission site for AIED Interactive Events:

Submit a two-page proposal using the Springer conference proceedings template (Word2007, LaTeX2e) for your submission. Should you need it, you can find more information at the Springer Author information page. Papers not in this format, that are overlength, or include modifications to the template will be returned.

The submission has  to include the following information:

  • A brief explanation of the system’s purpose.
  • A discussion on the significance of the approach implemented (considering user interface and user experience, connections to artificial intelligence techniques, etc).
  • An outline of your demo.
  • If available, a summary of the experiments with users where the system has been tested.
  • A URL of a web-viewable presentation illustrating your Interactive Event, e.g., scenarios, screenshots, video clips of the system.

The web-viewable presentation should serve as a showcase for the Interactive Event itself and, to the extent possible, as a self-explanatory substitute that will remain accessible after AIED2015 on the conference web site. Videos will be played during the conference on TV sets around the conference venue.

In addition, for organizational purposes, please include a third page (not necesarily in the Springer format) with the description of the infrastructure required to set up your Interactive Event at the conference (e.g., number of computers/devices you expect to bring so the number of electrical outlets and size of the tables can be prepared, etc.). Note that the conference will not provide computers or other devices (see Equipment section), but aims to provide the required infrastructure for you to use it. This page will be omitted from the proceedings.

Please submit your Interactive Event proposal via this EasyChair link:

Important Note: this EasyChair link is different from the one used for full papers, posters and DC papers.

Evaluation Criteria

An Interactive Event Program Commitee will be set up with members from the Conference Program Committee. The Interactive Event Chairs (in consultation with this Committee) will select proposals based upon expected interest to AIED attendees, interactivity, scientific value, originality, innovation and potential logistic constraints. Commercial products are eligible, but sales and marketing activities are not appropriate.

Form and Content

Depending on the number of accepted submissions, the Interactive Events will run in one or more sessions to provide the opportunity for hands-on interaction with the system. Active participation of AIED participants in the Interactive Event session(s) will be fostered. Additional details might be provided when closer to the conference dates.


A Best Interactive Event Award will be given based on the review scores of the Interactive Event submission and the audience feedback during the demonstration at the conference. 


The AIED conference will provide tables, chairs, power and wireless Internet connection.

Presenters should provide the rest, including computers and other devices with necessary software installed.

Important Dates

Submission (description, URL and infrastructure): Feb 2, 2015

Acceptance notification: Feb. 25, 2015

Camera-ready (2 pages for proceedings and URL): Mar 26, 2015

Interactive Events Chairs

Ilya Goldin. Center for Digital Data, Analytics & Adaptive Learning, Pearson. USA  (ilya.goldin at

Olga C. Santos. aDeNu Research Group – UNED. Spain (ocsantos at